Sunday, April 8, 2018

Jumping Bean!!!

Grid day

Today we worked on getting Dan to open up his stride without falling on his forehand. Beth said he uses my half halts as an excuse to get behind my leg. And I half halt too much without enough leg to back it up. And I just half halt willy nilly without determining whether I actually need one. I also am not releasing quite like I need to. So we worked on that today by using the grid to help encourage that. It was awesome. It was hard at first, but it was awesome. Dan got rolling and forward without running and getting flat (most of the time) and I was better with releasing and not half halting just to half halt. Although... I realized something. I'm so used to the long spot that when he was getting to a good distance, I started to half halt because in my brain, we were getting too close and up underneath the fence. NOPE.. that's the CORRECT spot Holly! I'm just not used to it. But when I got out of his way I realized it was actually quite nice. It was the perfect exercise for us both. The repeated fences in the grid helped burn into my brain that it was indeed the good distance and I didn't need to half halt and I could feel him using himself better over the fences. :) Yay!! We both had fun.

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