Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Gibbs Day 2

Ahhh.... Day two at Gibbs. Let the XC fun begin!!!  I ended up getting to watch every one because Beth wanted me to jump again with her and Mighty so Mighty wasn't out there by himself. It was probably a good thing too as the group I was supposed to be in was pretty impressive. :)

We had a great day. But there was many shenanigans ;)

As I was tacking up, or getting ready to, one of the girls drove by on a golf cart. Keep in mind Dan has seen many golf carts. But today it spooked him and he pulled back at the trailer and broke his halter. Ugh... Oh well. He didn't run off and he didn't hurt himself so no harm done. So anyways, I got him tacked up and away we went.

We started off at the baby ditch again. We walked through it and walked through it again. And Dan was showing off... stepping into the ditch like "Whatevs, I've been doing this since I was 2".... And then he tripped over the back log and face planted. But he fell onto his knees and army crawled on his knees for about 4 strides before he could get himself back up. He finally got up and had a bloody nose. Doh! He was so embarrassed. Luckily (Or unluckily) we didn't get the camera's rolling yet. But he was so embarrassed. Poor guy. So we came again and he was a bit less nonchalant about it. So we added the full coffin over the baby ditch and he was fine. Then we moved onto the real ditch. And I'm not sure if it was me or him or him feeding off me, but I was a little worried he would face plant again. So he got all jazzed up about the real ditch and was not just happily walking over it. He was jiggin and leaping to it. Oh well. He eventually settled a little bit and we carried on.

See the bloody Nose. Oops!

Then we did some lines and some bigger fences which was fun. He really didn't seem to back off of them. It was nice. He was going pretty well too. He wasn't behind my leg really and wasn't taking off with me or too strong either. It was kind of nice.

So then we headed over to the other field with the banks and worked on those. And then I tried the monoflap saddle. I'm not sure why. I LOVE my conquest and I had already tried the monoflap and didn't like it. BUT.... everyone was playing musical saddles, so... I figured I'd at least remember why I didn't like it. But sadly... I LOVED it. Dan felt awesome in it! I felt awesome. I felt like I wasn't having to work on my position and it was just there. Beth said that she didn't think it changed me too much for the better or the worse, but that Dan definitely jumped better in it. But maybe he was just jumping better because we finally got to jump some bigger fences. :) So we'll see.

We had a blast though. We jumped some bigger stuff and even the little log stack and fake trakenher. Yay!! So much fun!!!

See!! Look at those knees!!! And my position looks pretty good too :) 

It was such a fun day!! Afterwards Dan got a bath with some liniment and then he stood in his ice boots. It was a bit of an adventure. Of course the second I got his foot in the first boot and went for the second one, he tipped over the first boot... spilling all his ice basically down into my boots. I managed to salvage most of the pieces and regroup and Jamie helped me and we got him settled into it.

Oh, and I forgot, he also got to play some with Mighty and Tennessee in the turn out. He was super and they all got along nicely! Dan was thrilled!!

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