Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Balancing Lesson

It was another soggy day but at least there wasn't rain AND I actually had the indoor on a day when I wanted the indoor. :) We had a good lesson with Cindy. We worked on nothing specific other than me balancing him and keeping his dorsal spinous processes aligned properly. It wasn't anything specific, but that image helps me balance him and myself better. We did some spiral in and spiral out and really pushed him into the outside rein. It was good! We also worked on walk to canter, which was hard. Especially to the left. He keeps wanting to throw himself to the right and pick up the right lead. But we managed. Not with him staying supple in his neck and head, but we got it. And we'll add the suppleness next. We also worked on leg yields and Cindy reminded me to not block with the outside leg. I seem to want to kick my right leg in front to avoid blocking him but it does block him some. When I think about using my right leg behind me, but not at the stifle... at the girth, he does better and gets rounder and more bent and I don't block him. 

It was a fun ride. :) We also had two lungers in the arena so we had to finagle around them too, but it was fine. Just made it a little tough to do test movements, so we didn't. But it was okay. I wasn't feeling super needy about doing them. :)

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