Thursday, April 26, 2018

Riding in the Rain

Today was my day off and my Momma came to visit. It was a little bit of a frustrating day but it ended well. I was supposed to have a lesson at 3 in Athens and Mom was supposed to come in the morning. But then it ended up looking like rain all afternoon and hard and then Beth had the vet out so the timing on the lessons wasn't working out for that either. I could have had Mom come in the afternoon but I know she hates driving in the rain and/or dark, so I didn't want to change our plans. So she came in the morning and it was dry and pretty. We had a good morning and got lunch and hung out. Then I looked at the weather as she was leaving at 1 pm. It was supposed to rain in Loganville at 2:15 and in Athens at 3:15 and it looked like a pretty heavy sheet of rain. So... I called Beth and the vet was late and had just started on Josie and still had Mighty and Atlas to do after, so.... we finally just called it. I hopped in the trailer and headed to Ashland because I really wanted to ride before the show on Saturday. I knew I would get rained on, but it looked like there was only a short little window at 5 pm too. So... we headed to Ashland and sure enough it was slightly sprinkling when I got there. We warmed up and then it started drizzling steadily. But whatever, I was on, and I was riding. :) Dan and I had a good dressage school. We ran through both dressage tests and other than him falling to the center and hesitating for the left lead canter departs, it was pretty nice. Our lengthens need work as he gets a little above the bit but they were much nicer than they had been. By the time we finished it was raining, but still not pouring. We went for a super short little hack in the XC field and then headed home. 

I put them in their stalls with some hay to rest and dry and of course.. it stopped raining shortly after. And it is now 6 pm and it's currently not raining. Doh! Oh well. It looks like a little squall with possibly some thunder and lighting from 7 pm to 9 pm, so I'll probably turn them out after that. 

But we rode. And we had a good ride. :) And now I can give him a bath tomorrow after working all day and then get a (hopefully) good nights sleep before heading to Chatt Hills. I don't ride til 3:30, but I offered to volunteer before my rides, so... I've got to be there all day. :) Luckily she's being very nice and not making me be there right at 7:30. Cause... I could do it, but to also haul and get Dan into a stall.... That would be a super early wake up call!

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