Saturday, March 3, 2018

Well I feel better now

Crazy crazy work week.... 12 hour Monday, 12 hour Tuesday, 14 hour Wednesday, 3 hour Thursday (my day off mind you) and a 11 hour Friday....

Rode today. Danny was tired but we warmed up quickly....

I figured out the leg yield to the bad way!!!!! (leg yield left). I can't throw my right leg back.... even if his hips aren't moving over enough, throwing my leg back makes it worse. If I keep my right leg at the girth (AT THE GIRTH!!! WHere have I heard that before?!?! Oh yeah, only EVERY RIDE EVERY TRAINER!), he bends and the hips come anyways. Plus he doesn't get stuck on the left rein and hollow out. But I also have to make sure i'm not blocking with my left leg.

Ran through 1-1 and 1-2 and... they weren't bad. Not at all. Not perfect, but not bad. :)

Then went for a hack. We ran into Missy, Marty, and Indi :) :) The boys love each other. They were playing bitey face and just having fun. :) Poor Dan. I sort of wish he could have a buddy. I mean, one that would play with him, not just Fleck.

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