Friday, March 16, 2018

Sneaking one in

So... sometimes I like the time change. Sometimes I get off of work early enough that I can sneak in a ride and don't get stuck working til dark. :) Yay! Today was one of those days. I was kind of depressed... I was afraid that Danny was still going to feel terrible and I was tired of being cautious and doing all the right stuff. I know... stupid.. But still. I was just irritated and grumpy. I almost didn't ride. BUT.... Mike was so nice about it and I knew I wouldn't get to ride Saturday. Partly because it was supposed to rain and partly because it was Mike's Saturday. So I rode... 

And I'm so glad I did. We had fun. I decided that today was a "No agenda" day. And if some logs happened to get in our way, we might just have to jump over them. Danny felt good, but still wasn't chomping at the bit to go and do. But we had fun. We mostly walked. We did all the hills we could find. We trotted some. We cantered some. And.. we found a few logs to jump! (And I'm so bummed because I have a video of us jumping a lot into the sunset but my phone somehow erased it. Ugh!). He was great. He just cantered and jumped out of stride. Granted, we were just hunter-ing it... nothing fancy. But still!!!!

It was a good ride and I think we both had fun. We finished up jumping a few little logs in the cross country field too. :) Cause, you know?! :) 

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