Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Fun with Cindy

Today had the potential to be quite exciting. :) Danny was in last night because of the rain and when we got to High Point, it was us, Quigley, Leo (another bouncy animated horse), and .... oh, Dutch, who is pretty sane. But yep, between Quigley and Dan, there was enough energy in the air to make them a little up! But Dan was actually quite good. He mostly maintained the forward lesson from Sunday, although I totally let him slack in the free walk. Cindy called me out on it. March March March!!!!!! And... that's something I need to consider for our show this weekend. I need to be willing to sacrifice for forward! If he breaks to the trot, or breaks to the canter, it's probably worth it to get that forward momentum with him. :) Anyways.. it was a good lesson. 

Points to remember:

- forward!! march!! Stride with purpose!
- The trot lengthening aids: if he is tipping downhill and his forehand is lagging, alternate my leg squeezes but reach forward under his armpits. As his front leg goes forward, squeeze on that side. If his hind end isn't pushing, alternating squeezes as the hind leg is coming forward. 
- if I find my left hand creeping across his neck... it's because he's falling in on my inside leg. Instead of trying to pull him upright by hanging on the outside rein, kicking on the outside, and crossing his neck.... push him back to the outside by riding inside leg to outside rein. (Duh!)
-10 meter circles... Don't get so fixated on the turn that I overturn my body and forget about the outside rein with Dan. 

We also did a great exercise to help with the canter. Ahhhhhh!!! I did a 20 meter circle at the trot and spiraled in. But it was hard! I had to get bend but keep him straight and even and almost thought half pass in. Then I spiraled out and had to keep him going into the outside rein with the inside leg but not collapsing or flinging. THen when he was in the outside rein, ask for the canter. :) It worked beautifully when I was able to position him right!

So yep.. It was a great ride. We got a lovely canter. Our lengthenings weren't great, but.. .I at least have some plans. Afterwards it was nice too because both Mirian and Erin said Danny looked great. I shrugged and said he felt awfully flustered and fussy and frantic and Mirian said "well, if that's him flustered.... dang! He looked good!". :) So that made my day. :) 

I don't think we'll embarass ourselves on Saturday, and I can tell myself that I am really just wanting to go out and have fun and show again and it doesn't matter if we don't win. But... I also know myself. I am competitive. I do want to win, or at least come close. I think I will be a smidge disappointed if we don't do well. But I hope that I can at least accept that my weak parts won't score well and hope that I can appreciate what does get scored well. :) 

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