Thursday, March 5, 2015

We're making progress!!! clap clap clap!!

Well, both Rugrat and I are getting it. :) I'm learning how to coordinate my aids and my body so that I can ask him properly. And he is learning how to respond when I ask properly. It's good stuff. 

Today we worked on more of the same. I need to keep my head on straight, my shoulders open (specifically my left inside shoulder needs to stay down and back/open), and my legs forward at the girth. I can't let my outside leg be a vice, clutching and pushing him in. And above all us... we will get BEND!! If he drifts to the inside, I will no longer resort to pulling him back out with the outside rein. I will instead, instinctively react instead by asking him turn to the inside and then leg yield him out. Because it's not his head that is the problem. It's his ribcage. If he's not bending around my inside leg, then that needs to be addressed first and foremost. :) 

I also need to remember to steer! He doesn't know that I want a 20 meter circle without some rein aids. :) Doh! 

We made some good progress though. We even got Cindy and those sitting there clapping a few times. And we found out that Danny likes the cheers. He perks up when he hears clapping! So I must remember that and have people clap when he does great things. And I will remember to praise him so when he is doing it right. :) 

It was a good lesson. Our canter is starting to feel more balanced and less "run-away"ish. He's even allowing me to start to use the outside rein a bit. Which is great, because it means he's starting to go into it!!!! Hallelujah! We had some good downwards too. Actual forward downwards and not just falling into the downward. He worked up a little sweat and so did I. 

Good stuff. Then he was a goofy boy in the wash rack. ;) And oh... on our way out of the arena we passed Tess in the cross ties. She was getting all googly-eyed and straining at the edge of the ties trying to get to him. Hee hee. I just have some of the most handsome boys. Everytime Arwyn sees Fleck she goes into heat. And now it seems that every time Tess sees Dan, she goes into heat. Hee hee. Such studly boys. :)


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