Saturday, March 7, 2015

Double Dose of Vitamin D.... so.. double D's?!?!

So... today was another fun day of sunshine. The rings were still too wet to ride in so we just hit the trails. Danny was kinda lazy today after yesterday so we mostly just beebopped around.
I did try to do a little bit of work in the field and he was pretty nice with staying away from my inside leg. It's amazing how when I don't have a "rail" to feel compelling to get to... I can actually ride better and not contort myself into craziness, thus allowing Danny to move like a proper horse. :) We also had two canters up the hill where I let him gallop on if he wanted. He didn't really want to. Hee hee... Oh Danny... you're going to have to realize how much fun galloping on XC is! Of course he was tired too. And it was a lazy day. But even still, we did 5.5 miles.

It was a fun day. But I'm going to have
 to figure out how to fix that mane of his! Good grief!
And then....because I knew he was tired and wouldn't be a fool, I let him canter up the hill on the XC field and video'ed it with my phone. So yep.. I cantered the not quite yet 4 year old up the hill towards the trailers with only one hand on the reins. And yep.. he was perfect!
Danny canters up the hill


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