Monday, March 9, 2015

Just 5 more minutes.... PWEEEZE?!

Hee hee. Apparently I wore the Danimal out. :) 

Sunday was another glorious beautiful day. I got up early for Church and left the clothes on the ponies because it was still a bit chilly. When I got home it had warmed up quite a bit so I felt a bit bad. I went out to undress them and found Dan passed out cold! I let the dogs out and that didn't even faze him. 

So I snuggled with him and messed with him some and he still wouldn't get up. 

Finally after unbuckling his clothes and some clucking, he got up and I was able to fully undress him. Ha... Good thing he gets today off. Lazy bum!

 Such a goober. I love this kid.... 

 Once he was up, he and Wyatt snuggled some too.

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