Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fantastic Ride!

Today was a SUPER day! I had a good time with Dr. Brown and made it home in time for a ride. I LOVE daylight savings! Dan and I got to Ashland around 6 but still had plenty of daylight. The rings were soupy so we went up to the jump ring which was perfect. There was no more grids or anything but that was okay. We worked on our "canter pirouettes" to get the inside bend. And shockers!!! It worked!!
Beautifully! And I didn't even have spurs on. I just made sure that I used an opening rein, because crossing the reins just blocked his inside hind. I made sure to sit evenly on both seat bones, made sure to keep weight in the outside but not collapse on the inside... I had to make sure my left shoulder was down and back and that I was lifting my inside hip. And NOT bracing with my outside hip, instead allowing it to float and not block, but to stay underneath me and not get kicked out ahead or stuck way behind. And when I did all that.. it worked! And he got a nice lovely round topline too. Without even having to try.

And know what else?!? He also became more forward!!! Like... big boy power trot forward!!! Possibly because I was no longer blocking that inside hind?? hmmmm. ;) ;) 

So then I noticed that our canter departs needed work. He jumps into them but doesn't quite finish them out. So we did some rapid fire transitions (not that rapid fire...he's still a kid. But multiple transitions rather than holding the canter for laps). It got a little bit better. I need to figure out exactly where it is I'm hindering him so I can fix it. He's trying, so I know it's something I'm doing or not doing. 

So as a reward, (for both of us!) we headed out for a short hack. We went to the lake and got a drink and then on our way back, we spooked at the fisherman. ;) But he was good. We turned into the XC field and I decided to let him canter to the top. Heading home... I know, bad pony clubber. But he was great. He even opened up into a big canter stride!!!! Not quite a gallop, but plenty big enough. It gave me heart that he's not a lazy bum. In fact, I have a feeling I've been the one that's hindering him and his stride. So... more to work on.

It was just such a nice ride to be able to figure things out and get my forward happy boy. And that canter up the hill was the icing on the cake. It was good for my soul. I miss my Flecky gallops. 

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