Sunday, March 1, 2015

Forward!!! Fitness!!!!

 Another day with no rain and the footing wasn't ridiculous so we took advantage. I was feeling the need for speed. ;) And since Fleck is still healing, Danny had to step up to the plate. And he quite enjoyed it. So did I. I almost didn't go because it was still cold and I had to work the overnight and was debating napping instead. But I'm glad I went. 
Liz and I were chatting and she said that she agreed with Cindy's thoughts and that she regretted shutting down Party's canter. So she said to let Danny develop that big canter! So we did. Plus, I wanted to work on some fitness anyways.

We got to Ashland and it was crowded! Everyone was taking advantage of the nice(ish) weather. I was a little concerned I would run into too many people to get to get our fitness on, but we managed. Despite seeing Debbie and Denise, then four people from Overland, then Amy and Luisgi, then Missy and Marty with her two boys, then Judy and Cash who then met up with Andi and Hank. And we saw another group of three ponies that I couldn't figure out who they were. But we did manage to get some good work in.

Danaroo and I did 6.5 miles in an hour and a half. We started out with a 10 minute walk, which Dan was sad about. He was ready to go! Then we did some trotting and some cantering and I let him go big. :) We had lots of fun. We did lots of walking in between too so I didn't push him too much. We headed up the hill and as we were cantering up I saw the log that had fallen a few days ago was still there. Lucy was slacking! ;) I decided since we were already cantering, we might as well hop over it. And I'm so proud of Dan. He saw it, backed off a hair, then saw that he could move up to it, and did. Then he hopped politely over it in a nice little jump and continued cantering on. Wheeeee!! There was another one at the top of the hill so I made him trot that one. And he just trotted over it without jumping it. 

After that we headed to the cross country field and I made him canter on his right lead. He was really only cantering on the left lead in the woods. And I wanted to work on cantering in the open. He was great and didn't get buck wild or anything, but he did keep swapping back to the left everytime the terrain was slightly uneven. Oh well. We did get quite a few circles in.

Then we headed to the lake and saw Judy so we caught up with her and went on a walk around the halfshire field with Andi and Hank. Danny started a little rowdy but settled down quickly and was good for just walking. Then we headed home.

A good day. 

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