Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Somebody's on a roll!

Some little superstar is on a roll!! 
I didn't get a chance to ride this weekend because Saturday was Ken's funeral and Sunday was raining. Then Monday I was at Dr. Browns all day and had to stop at Ashland and laser and adjust. So I just ran out of time. I could almost have squeezed it in, but...oh well. Today was our lesson with Cindy. 
He was great! And props to me too because I was better too. I was able to ride better and not grip with my outside leg and was thinking "Canter pirouettes" and it worked. So then Cindy upped the ante. Dan was actually starting to take some contact and seek it. But she wanted to make sure that he was seeking it, rather than me micromanaging to create it. When he got fussy in the bridle or when I felt him wiggling and pushing me side to side (instead of forward and back), my answer was GO FORWARD! Danny can't use lazyness as an excuse to play and not work. Forward first! Once I get forward and get the impulsion from behind, the fussyness and wigglies resolve. 

We also had the BEST canter depart yet! On the right lead too. It was prompt and uphill as opposed to running into it. Yay!!! I am thinking it happened because the set up was there. We also got a good stretchy trot too. But it also required forward.

So yep. Forward is the key for Dannaroo. But he's getting it. I'm not having to use as much leg/spur too. In fact, today I didn't have my spurs on. I did have to do a few kicks and some whip encouragement, but in general, it's much better. Whoo hooo!!

Baby boy is growing up. And this week he sprouted hips! Like seriously... he suddenly has these huge prominent hips. I guess he's about to spurt in some direction. But he's getting a nicer topline. :) 


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