Thursday, February 13, 2020

Mental Health week is AWESOME!!!!

So... this week has been a fairly light week... Monday wasn't... but Tuesday was light and I had the whole afternoon off. Then Wed I had a bunch of open spots... so (despite feeling a little guilty as I have a few clients that need me... but I had a cancellation for next Monday, so I put them there) I went to the chiropractor for me, went grocery shopping, and attempted to get my truck unstuck. Yep... we've had SOOOOO much rain... and I knew better but I pulled counter clockwise into my parking loop instead of clockwise.. because clockwise is tricky getting through the gate. BUT... I got stuck. Sigh... I unloaded Dan and I was still stuck. And then it started pouring... And was dark. So I left it. And today... I tried... and managed to get it about 3 feet farther up the drive, but.. then it wouldn't budge. I think at this point, it would have gone easily but my tires were so slicked up with mud...  So I had posted on FB and Jennifer offered to help. SO... I took her up on it. I'm going to adjust two horses for her for free as a thank you. We had to unhitch my truck... then she used her 4 wheel drive 250 to tow my truck out.. then she hitched up and was able to pull my rig out. YAY!!! So anyways... point is... today... I went to Keysville and adjusted 6 foxhunters and then got home early enough to ride. So I did. :) Because.. mental health week. And tomorrow I have an acupuncture appointment and then a massage. Whoo hooo. And Sat is dinner with Mike at the Optimist! 

But back to my ride. We did a little warm up loop and then headed to the jump arena to do our dressage. The dressage arena's were a little too wet still. (HA! Little too wet may be an understatement). But it's all good. The jump arena was fine. We did our noodle neck warm up and then we did the leg yield zig zags. Which, actually... was quite nice today I thought. He stayed pretty supple. Then we did some half pass work, which was a little hard finding a spot around the jumps. But we got some decent work. Then we got our canter and... wow! I actually had a pretty nice canter today. Even on the right. It was up and soft and round. And even a little more sit, I think!! So then we did a short little bit of bending and counter-bending while maintaining the canter. Then we worked on our simple changes. It went much better now that I am doing it right. :) Ha! We didn't quite get the simple, but... we got the change of bend without falling out of the canter and we got a downward.. just too many trot steps. But it's already improvement from the last time. So yay! Then we did a trot lengthen down centerline and called it quits. Well... dressage quits. Then we went for a hack. It was getting chilly but we just enjoyed ourselves for about an hour. The birds were loud this hack! It started with a bunch of crows going nuts. Then the geese were honking like crazy. And then at the end, we heard an owl hooting... like 10 different hoot sets. It was amazing! We saw a bunch of deer too. And Dan was so good. Right as we walked past the old hay barn, the wind picked up and the doors were clanging. It scared me! But Dan barely flinched. So yeah.. it was just a great day. Ahhhhh.... peace!

And... once we got home.. I left the trailer in the driveway because... I am too afraid to get stuck again! 

 That's not the lake he was drinking from.. It's a puddle. Ha ha... I swear, he has water at home! But he worked hard doing fancy pants stuff and he was thirsty!

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