Thursday, January 18, 2018

Riding with Claire

Cindy was out of town so I had a lesson with Claire. It was good. Danny was a turd. Ugh.. I adjusted him yesterday and today he felt awful. He was hanging on the reins, braced, and wouldn't let go and let his neck hang. Ugh....

But Claire was very helpful and gave me some great stuff to work on. That kid is talented! She said the same thing that Cindy and Beth have said, but added an interesting thought process to it. So.. again, when I'm tracking left, I need to shorten the right side. Claire pointed out that he's throwing that right shoulder out and throwing his right rib cage against me. Which is what Cindy and Beth have been saying but maybe in slightly different ways. Or maybe I just didn't HEAR what they were saying. But regardless, when I felt him throwing that into me, I needed to bump him with my calf, and then take my calf off. And I needed to do all the other things... like keep that outside rein connection so that he has to shorten/contract the right side. And still ride him slightly shoulder in that way. Then when we go to the right, I still need to ride slightly haunches in and keep him off my right leg again. He felt pretty good going to the left, but going to the right... ugh... he was tipping and falling and I just couldn't get it together. Very frustrating.

Cindy was there and said we looked good though but he never really gave up his neck. But hopefully this will get better and we'll figure it out. Claire gave me some good thoughts. Cindy reflocked his saddles too as they had settled in the front a little bit.

oh, AND.... when I got home, I got his Area 3 Adult Rider ribbons in the mail. :) He beat me. :) As it should be. :) He got Reserve Champion for Beginner Novice Horse in Area 3 and I got  3rd place Amateur Adult Rider for Area 3. Pretty cool. :)

 ha ha.. Dan was clearly aggravated by my selfy attempts!

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