Sunday, January 28, 2018

We both clean up nice!

Today was a rainy icky day. The boys stayed inside all day because of the weather. I let them graze a little bit in the morning while I cleaned stalls. And Dan was a little bit wet already so I decided to give him a bath! I got him all squeaky clean and then show sheened him all over and then put a cooler on him. Then I went inside and worked on reports and invoices. 

Luckily I finished with enough time to go clip him before dinner with Mike's family. I LOVE the big clippers!! Never again! I was able to get him fully body clipped in less than 2 hours. And yes, I had to use the smaller clippers to smooth out lines and do specific areas. He was actually really good for most of it. And I even adjusted him first so he had already been standing in the cross ties for almost an hour. He was good for the right side of his neck, even with the big clippers. But as soon as I went to do the left side of his neck, he freaked out!! Weirdo. I had to twitch his ear to do the left side and it still looks terrible. I'll smooth it out at some point. 

We also took pictures of his big ol' ribbon from the Gala. :) 

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