Thursday, January 4, 2018

Good Day

Today was super chilly but Kelli and I decided to tough it out and go for a ride. I don't even think it was above freezing. But we figured a long walk would be fine. And I desperately needed a ride. So we did. And it wasn't too bad actually. We were well dressed. Danny felt pretty good and I wanted to feel him out too so that I could decide whether to do a lesson with Beth or not on Saturday. 

I acupunctured him and adjusted him yesterday too. He got one gram of bute Wednesday morning and then one gram this morning. But by the time we rode it was later in the afternoon so I don't know how much the bute was still on board. 

Anyways, we had a nice long hack. We finished up in the arena where the footing was lovely. He felt pretty darn good. So... I did a little bit more. And then a little bit more. But not a ton because it was cold. Although I worked up a bit of a sweat and had to shed a few layers. :) After a few minutes, some truck went by that was loud and crackly and Dan got all freaked out. He turned into a hackney pony! Ha ha!!! He was all bouncy and springy and going more up and down than forward. Ha ha. I was complaining that I didn't have my whip when I was trying to get him to trot. And then... I was super glad because he was animated!!! In fact, it was a little bit like water skiing.... and there may have been a few steps of illegal cantering. Doh! But he finally sort of settled into it and we got some decent work. And then we called it quits. 

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