Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snow Day

Today was supposed to be a work day and a very unlikely to ride day. But instead... we got snow! Only 1 inch or so... But more than last time. And the roads were rather icy in spots, so UGA cancelled so I didn't have to work. Which was probably a good thing as it was SUPER COLD!!! Like a high of 32 with a windchill of 22 as the high. The HIGH!! When I got up it was a windchill of 7 degrees. In Georgia!!

I ended up turning the boys out so they didn't go bonkers and left them out. They were double blanketed. I did bring them in early though. But they did fine. I was tempted to take Dan out and hook him up to the long lines and get him to pull me on a sled. :) But.... we didn't have enough snow, it was so cold, and I didn't want to re-injure him. And I didn't have a sled. But the thought did cross my mind. ;)
Instead we just did snow photos. 

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