Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snow Ride

I was starting to get a little frustrated! Okay, I was VERY frustrated... This darn weather. I couldn't work yesterday, couldn't run errands, couldn't ride... and then today, I was supposed to take Dan to Dr. Brown to make sure that he was healing well and see if he could figure out that weird hitchy thing I keep feeling on occasion. And the roads were still icy. Ugh... So yesterday I basically pouted and only accomplished a few things. But today was better. I was able to get a bunch accomplished. I went to the tag office and got everything squared away. Finally. Then I got shavings and cat food and dog food. And totally forgot to get another heated water trough. Ugh. Whoops. Oh well, I'll get one tomorrow. Then I also went to the bank. And cleaned up a little bit at the house and took some of the trash to the curb. And while I was out, the roads weren't bad. So I got all excited that I could ride. 

Luckily I took the long way home to check the roads before I got on them with the trailer. Good thing because they were ICY!!! Of course, the only way out with the trailer and even if I went the super long way.. it was a huge long chunk of ice. Sigh.... Maybe it would have been fine, but it didn't seem like a smart move to risk it. 

So after I finished pouting a bit, I rode at home. It wasn't super... but it was a ride. :) 

Danny was a bit better than in my lesson with Claire but still not great. He fought me a good bit and his tongue was flailing around some. Sigh... But we did get some fairly decent work in and we got our 20 minutes of trot accomplished. And I feel better. :) 

Saturday is supposed to be pretty nice. I hope so!! Because I can't ride tomorrow and Sunday I'm at CE all day... (although I'm secretly hoping it ends early). 

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