Sunday, December 27, 2015

Super Star

Danny was SUPER today!!

We went to Ashland and it was so nice to have a whole day to just ride. I forgot my watch and it didn't even matter. It was awesome. I met Kelli first and we rode together, me on Fleck and her on Arwyn. Then afterwards, I met Peri and George and we rode with Dan. I thought he might be a little bit of a stinker because he's been so bored, but he was great! 

We headed off for a nice walk trail ride. The rain has been unreal so it was so slick it really wasn't conducive to anything else. Especially not a gallop! Danny was a little light on his feet starting out and went up once but mostly just bounced in place for a few seconds every now and then. He started in the lead but towards the end, he got in the back. We crossed the creek and he wanted to say hi to L.E. so he hung back. Well then he was stuck back there. It was funny because you could tell he was getting grumpy because they weren't walking fast enough and he wasn't in front. Every time he'd throw in a little crow hop thing, L.E. would turn and shoot him a dirty look. Hee hee. But he behaved himself really. 

We finished up at the jump arena because I wanted to jump again while I still had the demo saddle. You know, just to make 100% sure... ;) And he was awesome!! The fences were all pretty low. Maybe beginner novice, maybe one or two at novice, but maybe not. Maybe they were closer to tadpole/BN. It's so hard to tell. They looked tiny on Fleck and I thought they'd be perfect for Dan but then when I was on Dan they looked a little bigger. ;) But he was PERFECT!! (So... I measured... the one vertical at the one stride was legitimately BN, the rest were tadpole to beginner novice. Doh! My eye is shrinking!! But still, he was great!)


Well, aside from tripping two strides before the ground pole (luckily just a ground pole) and almost face planting and then tripping two strides after a fence. ;) But really.. he was awesome!! He jumped around like a normal horse. He's getting adjustable even!! And he seemed like he was jumping like a normal horse and actually picking up his shoulders and knees. Yay!! So proud of the little guy. And... I LOVE that saddle. :) Yay! Going to order it on Tuesday when I take the demo one back to Cindy. 

So yep... It was a good day. :) 

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