Thursday, December 24, 2015


So... Christmas Eve was really weird this year. It was storming. Like rolling thunder and near continuous lightning. Crazyness! You can hear it in the video.  Danny's goofy

Which means it was wet. And we didn't get to ride. Sigh... Danny was so bored. So I gave him some of his Christmas presents early. As much as I'd thought he'd like them, he wasn't too impressed. Sigh... Punk! ;)

So I couldn't stand it and the rain finally let up, so I hopped on Fleck bareback and we went for a walk about. Of course Dan had to follow and try to make things interesting. ;) 

 And then he got Roany started in on the shenanigans. :) But I'm so glad that the old girl still has it! She put up quite the fuss. :)

Oh, and while on our walk about... we looked for the hood that Danny tore right off his blanket a week or so ago. We didn't find it. This was all we found. How on earth?!?!

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