Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dressage Tantrums

Dan was in a MOOD today!! I knew it was coming. He went up a few times and danced on our short hack about the farm before going into the arena for our lesson. He was pretty good once we got in and got started on our lesson though. We got a decent big trot and worked on our connection. Then Cindy had me do spiral in and spiral out at the canter. Oh man... That was hard work!! Dan threw a hissy fit and said NO! But I won... I always win. So far anyways. ;) 

So we picked up the canter and started spiraling in. It was hard to not let him fall, but if I thought about riding half pass, it helped. I'm not sure why thinking Half Pass, without the weight aids, helps me with the canter. But it does, so.. I do it. So then when I asked for the spiral in, but maintaining the canter, Dan realized it was hard and quit. But then I couldn't get him to pick up the canter. He kept trying to cross canter or pick up the wrong lead. Smarty pants... But nope, you still have to work. He put in some good bucks too. One of them almost got me off. But I persisted and we got it. :)

Lots of hard work, but it was good stuff. 

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