Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dressage lesson

Danny had himself a big ol' Irish temper tantrum today. :) We started out great. I took him on a little hack around the farm and we saw the bridge out behind the barn. Dan walked right over it without even blinking. Then we headed to the arena and he was actually being pretty good. But Cindy noticed that our leg yields to the left were not quite working well. He wouldn't get his hind end over. Turns out, more specifically, he wouldn't adduct the left hind laterally to pull his hips over to the left. So Cindy had us leg yield on a circle at the canter. 
Going to the left was easier than going to the right. Going to the right he was happy to spiral in but when I asked him to spiral out he said NOPE. That was hard work so he quit. He broke to the trot. Then when I tried to get him to pick the canter back up and move that outside hind laterally, he had a meltdown! He went into a bucking, trotting, kicking spazz out. I finally got him back under control but it was still tough to get him to spiral out. So.. homework!

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