Wednesday, December 23, 2015

And He's Off!!!!!

 HOLY MOLY!! Danny has some go in there! The twit is not allowed to be behind my leg in the arena anymore. It... was.... AWESOME! And TERRIFYING! hee hee. So... let me back up.

We went for a quick hack because I knew my riding time would be limited with the holidays and weather coming up. And I was feeling a little lazy and didn't have company but really wanted to try out the conquest on him again. So.... we got to Ashland and it was insanely crowded. And finally chilly and breezy. I ended up riding Dan first since it was so crazy busy and especially in the jump areas. Probably a good move as it was crowded enough that Fleck and I ran into multiple people and all the rings were booked. 

By the time I got on Dan it had settled down immensely and Dan was great. Even with the weather he behaved himself very well. There were no antics! So we headed out to the woods. There was a small group in the XC field so we just carried on. Dan was great but I could tell he was ready to do more. I had put the wonder bit in just in case. I actually really like that bit with him. At least in the field. He feels like he wants to go into it but respects it. So he was very politely asking if he could go faster but not pulling or yanking on me. I made him behave for a little bit since we had just started and he did. We had a very polite but big trot and a very polite small canter. So then we did a little bit of a bigger canter along the three creek path on the sandy side. He was having fun but I didn't let him get too big because we ran out of time and footing. I told him once we crossed the creek and as long as he behaved til the hill, he could go all out up the hill. 

So I let him. I said "okay" and he rocketed up the hill! It was intense! I don't know how we made it up the hill so quick. It felt like it took all of 6 strides before we hit the top and then I let him go down the path almost as fast as he wanted. I still didn't let him all out because ....well, he was flying already. Seriously... it was like riding Man-o-War! He was asking but listening. And we were flying!! It was soooooo much fun and just a little bit terrifying! I got him back fairly easily as we hit the end of the straight and flat path. Thank goodness we didn't come up on anyone like Fleck and I did. hee hee. He had fun too!

So then we behaved ourselves back to the arena's. Ann was doing a lesson so I couldn't go in the jump ring so I did a quick short little hack in the dressage arena. And lazy potato head was back. Jeeesh. I guess he just wants to be a racehorse, steeplechaser, or hunt horse. ;) 

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