Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sunday Hack

Today was a lazy hack. Peri and George ended up joining us so we kept it to a sedate walk. Or tried anyways. I got tacked up a little too early so Dan was ready to go while we were waiting on George and Peri. I thought if I worked him in the rings while I waited on them we'd be fine but the rings were full. And they were doing lessons so I didn't want to interrupt. So I did some work in the parking lot. And that didn't quite pan out. Dan went straight up twice. So... he got a little bit of a spanking and back to work we went. 

He was still a little up at that point and George and Peri were ready so we headed up to the jump arena and I just made Dan walk/trot/canter briefly. He just needed to get his legs moving. Then he was fine.

So then we had a very pleasant trail ride. :) No pictures, but I did do some photo editing. 


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