Saturday, December 5, 2015

Saturday Fun

Today was a fun day! I finally had time to ride both boys. I hopped on Dan first and we started in the arena because he was a little bit up. Plus, I wanted to make sure we didn't need a "Shock and Awe" refresher. We didn't really. :) We had some nice work and got all our canter leads and got quarter line serpentines with no lead changes!! Both directions. Yay! We didn't stay in the arena long. There was trails to hit!

We headed out to the XC field and decided to pop over a few little things. I walked him into the water, up the bank and then down the bank and let him have a drink. He went in just fine. Then we trotted through the water and jumped the log a few strides out of the water. Then we headed over to the log stacks and jumped the little baby coop and roll top in a row. He was good and we trotted the first and then trotted the second. We then turned around to canter them and as he got near one, he realized his striding was off, so he broke to the trot to jump it. Smart kid! He's getting it.
We then headed towards the lake for a nice hack. We did some trotting and walking and of course, some cantering. :)

And then we found ourselves back in the XC field. Elizabeth was out there coaching a few people so we said hi and Dan savored the "oohs and aahs". It was a great opportunity to see how he was. Although had he been awful, I would have felt bad for messing up the other girls. But luckily he was really good. He didn't get rowdy or wild or anything. We left their group and he happily trotted off and then jumped the log up the hill. Although we did take that one REALLY long. Doh! I then circled back to the other side of the ditches and he jumped the log over there and then walked the BN ditch. Then I made him walk the novice ditch. And of course he was fine. We watched one of my clients jump a few jumps and do the water and Dan behaved while she was cantering past. :) Then we trotted the BN ditch and cantered the log up the hill again. He was super polite cantering up the hill even. Then as we were heading in, I decided that I would take advantage of the people being there and jump him over the BN red coop. They were all standing and talking so I figured we wouldn't interfere. And we trotted it, but he trotted right up to it and jumped it beautifully and cantered politely off. YAY! We'll quit with that. :)

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