Thursday, November 19, 2020

Another lesson

 And it was a good lesson. We worked on the canter. After a little bit of walk and trot warm up, we went straight to the canter. I need to encourage self carriage. I can't be asking him to hold the canter with every stride. So, keep my lower legs soft... keep the canter with my seat and my "squeezers"/thighs, and if he falls out, use my leg to thump him rather than nag him. I still need to meet resistance with resistance but don't wiggle or nag. It's a firm hold until he gives, then I soften too. But make sure I'm not hanging. And make sure when I give, I don't give it all away. There should still be a connection and it should still be in both reins. I also need to half halt and soften with the canter steps. Use my seat and core to encourage forward and sit. I need to sit on my inside seat bone to encourage the bend. Use the outside rein to collect and the inside rein for bend and suppleness, but don't create bend with the inside rein, create bend with the seat and leg. Spiral in and out is helpful. More sit and push. Ride both reins... if he's heavy in the right rein, then bend him right to put him into the left but don't ignore the right rein!

It's a lot!! My hamster wheel was spinning, as was Dan's. And it wasn't pretty. I think I need to go home and practice it in pieces. Practice the seat part and my leg part... then practice the half halt and connection part... then practice the parts together. And Dan needs to get stronger. As do I! Boy, as do I! My core is weak!

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