Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Foggy Fitness and Getting Soaked

So... the weather yesterday sucked. It rained most of the day. Today was supposed to be more of the same. So I didn't message Marian about a lesson because.. rain. BUT... when I woke up (kind of late because Mike and I slept in, and then I hung out with him for a bit) it wasn't raining, so.... I thought maybe... My phone radar said that it would start raining around 11, but it was only a 45% chance... and 65% chance at noon, but I had to be home by 12ish anyways, so... I ran out and fed and threw Dan in the trailer and off we went! The arena's were soupy, so I decided to hit the trails and work on my fitness. It was so foggy and pretty. We mostly walked and I did two point. We trotted a little... cantered a tiny bit. But mostly just walked as it was slick. 

So... we got to the hill going up to the XC fields and I started to hear some thunder. Oops! We headed up the hill and back to the arenas. I wanted to check them out so I could update Lucy.... so we went into the jump arena. They were set low, so we hopped over two. :) Forward! And out of stride. Yay! The footing was actually fairly nice in the front part but the back quarter was a bit wet and heavy. So then we heard more thunder and the sprinkles that had started just when we got up there started turning to rain. So we trotted down to the upper dressage arena.... went in... and check it out. I trotted one circle and it was pretty deep and heavy in the corners but not terrible. Then we leg yielded out of that arena and were about to go check the lower arena when I saw lightning and then 2 seconds later heard thunder. Peace out! We headed back to the trailer and then it started pouring!!! I untacked as quick as we could and we headed home. Of course it poured the whole way but once we got home... the rain stopped. Doh! Oh well. It rained on and off some more during the day, and I probably could have ridden that afternoon after I saw two patients, but... I'm glad I got it in at least. :) It was quite pretty out. 

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