Saturday, February 10, 2018

Yay for a soggy foggy ride

So.... I was so bummed because it was supposed to rain all weekend. Like hard! Like... a months worth of rain in 3 days. But.... the weather cooperated and we got lucky. It rained pretty hard last night, and the grounds were already fairly saturated from the heavy rains on Wednesday, but... it was only misty this morning and looked like the rain would hold off til about 12:30. Perfect!! I went to bed early last night because I was so exhausted so I was able to wake up fairly early and get a ride in. I almost didn't go, because it was misty and gross and soggy out, but... I knew if I didn't I'd be so irritated by Monday. Especially if it rained Monday too. 

And I'm so glad I did. I ended up doing some dressage in the jump arena first as the footing was great. Danny was a good boy and we worked on me some and him some. I even did some sitting trot without stirrups. But not a ton as I didn't have a ton of time and was still pretty tired. We did some cantering too. And.. ugh. I still can't figure out the left lead canter aids. I think I finally figured it out though today... Maybe not the correct way, but... maybe? I don't know if it's just that I have to start with more generic aids and we'll eventually get to softer quieter more subtle aids...or if I just am so crooked with my body that I'll always have to ask this way... or if he's compensating and therefore he's throwing that right shoulder out... But.. if I close my outside leg, he goes into the correct lead. Going to the right, I feel like I don't have to use my outside leg and can just use my seat and inside leg. But going to the left...if I don't use my outside leg, he throws himself to the right and picks up the right lead. Sigh... But we did manage to get it right multiple times, so.. maybe I'm figuring it out. We got some nice canter work to the left, but the right lead isn't as nice. Of course.... It's easier to get but not as nice of a canter. Oh well. We're only two weeks into cantering... after 5.5 months of not. So... fair enough. 

Then Kelli got there so we went for a hack. It was so soggy that we only walked and avoided the bridges but it was a good ride. :) We had fun!

And I'm so glad because it looks like tonight and tomorrow it will rain, rain, and rain some more. So.. hopefully I can get Dan adjusted. And then hopefully we can ride on Monday, get our lesson Tuesday, and then Wed we go to Dr. Brown. Hopefully I can sneak in a ride on the way home since I have to work Thursday. Although I *might* finish early enough to ride Thursday too. Then... next week... A WHOLE WEEK OFF!!!! I'm so excited. Of course I'm sure the time will fly and I won't accomplish nearly what I need/want to. But... still, a whole week off. We're going to Calloway for 3 days, so I won't get to ride Every day, but... plan to ride on the others. :)

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