Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Great News! Great Day!

So... today Peri and I took Sunny and Dan to Dr. Brown to see what we needed to do for the boys. At this point, I was expecting (and hoping) that Dr. Brown would say Dan is fine. He's been feeling super so I don't think whatever I was feeling is still there. My gut is either one of two things.... he either was developing some shoulder bursitis secondary to the shoeing change we did that we thought would be good but in retrospect was maybe not good or he tore a shoulder/chest muscle and was sore as he had a weird indentation that hasn't been there before. Dr. Brown looked at him and said he looked great! He was out in his right ischium which gave me a moment of heart attack thinking he had pulled a hamstring too now. But nope.. the ischium adjusted out. Phew. He said he looked fantastic and he didn't think that there was anything wrong with him. He did not the little muscle tear area and say he looked like he tore a muscle. HA! GO ME!!! I mean.. sucky that it happened, but... go me for catching it. :) 

So yep... Dan's on track for full work soon. He's cantering now. Up to 10 minutes... which is actually a really long time to canter. :) His ultrasounds are looking good. His feet are looking awesome. His mane is pulled and shortened and he had his body clip. :) And... Dr. Brown doesn't think Dan has EPM as he would be much weaker in the tail pull. So yay for that! Whooo hooooo

So then on our way home, I dropped Peri off and then went for a ride. I didn't really want to do dressage but I also couldn't do much in the woods because the trails were still pretty sloppy. In retrospect, I probably could have as long as I avoided a few spots as it wasn't as bad as I thought. But that's okay. We ended up going for a hack and doing some trotting in the fields. And then we ended up in the XC field and I decided to do dressage in the field. It was fun!! Danny was fairly up which was helpful but he behaved. We had some really nice trot work with his back up. And we worked on our canter departs which got way better and our canter felt really nice too. We also did some serpentines and lengthenings at the canter and even worked on the change of lead through the trot. That was tough. We got the wrong lead a few times doing it that way and he hollowed out a few times, but we had a few nice transitions too. So something to work on before we enter the dressage schooling shows. 

But yep.. a nice day. :) 

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