Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Dressage is HARD!!!

Cindy lesson

Dan in a mood.... chewing on cross ties, not even cross tied, and smacked himself in the face a few times... pulled back... Sticking his nose in Jessicas' face. Bouncing when Quigley got stupid

Working hard.... my toes in does NOT make my leg slide back.. it lengthens my leg and makes it correct. The right side really needs to get longer in the leg with my toes forward so I can encourage him to lift and bend around that rib. And it works.

Keep my chest open... Don't turn with my head only.. make him turn....

Counter canter 3 loop serpentine.. held it the first time (only one direction!), broke the second time.. too much outside rein.

Up and down transitions.. focus on the shoulders and the lift and not allowing him to throw his shoulders right or left

So sore at the end.... almost had to puke. But in a good way. ;) 

Was able to almost post without stirrups just by lifting my toes... not having to actually take them out of the stirrups... 

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