Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Monday funday

I got lucky today. :) My farm with the icelandics cancelled, which opened up almost my entire day. I did have one patient scheduled already, and ended up adding in 2 others.  But I still finished early enough to go play. :) 

I met up with Kelli and we went for a 30 min warm up hack. Peri met up with us and we played in the jump arena for a little bit. I didn't jump, because.. we're not allowed to yet, so we just did some dressage. I was working on me but Peri gave me some helpful advice. We were still struggling with picking up the left lead. Peri noticed that I was crossing my left hand over his neck, thus shutting down that shoulder and forcing him to throw himself to the right and get the wrong lead. And sure enough, when I opened the left rein, he picked up the left lead. I also worked on sitting the trot and rode without stirrups some more, but I am still struggling. Maybe getting a tiny bit better, but still struggling. Sigh... Kelli mentioned later at the trailer that I was a little too wiggly in my core. I wonder if in an effort to swing my hips but also keep my core tight, I'm doing the hula. Sigh... so frustrating. I swear, I try to fix something and I end up making things worse or creating a new problem. :( 

Anyways...  Peri was lunging Roux and then trotted him but wanted me to canter him first. So I hopped on him and took him for a canter. He did have a little bit of a buckyness in him, but was fine. He's a fun little guy. She said to leg yield him out into the canter transition, which really helped him out. Maybe I should try that with Dan too. Anyways, after that, we went for another short hack. But then we had to get home. But a nice day. 

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