Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Fancy pants lesson

Today was a good day!

Adjusted Dan last night and fixed his mane

Came out strutting today

Felt a little like (Okay a LOT like) he was falling in to the right, leaning. Working on lifting my chest and core and instead of counterbending to straighten, fix it at the root of the problem.. bending the right ribcage around my inside leg. Took almost the entire lesson, but at the end.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I was able to do it. Almost have to kick my leg out in front of me, then lift my toes, and sink my weight down and use it as a carousel rod. But I'm able to do it now some. Dan responded... Lovely trot. 

Keep my butt from going out behind when I ride the canter to keep his hiney from going out behind. Not much on my part, but enough. 

Actually heard Cindy say "Quicken your post". Um.... what?!?! That's NEVER happened! ha ha. I used it to get Dan snappy. :) Not fast... snappy!

Good stuff today :) 

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