Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Not feral anymore!

Dan had a week vacation while Mike and I were at the beach, and.... he wasn't a crazy hooligan when I got back. :)

We had a quick trail ride at sunset Monday night after a full day of work and then a good lesson today.

In our lesson today we worked on the usual but added a fun exercise. Cindy had me pick up the canter at C, then do a 10 meter circle at M, then turn right at B, walk at X, then pick up the left lead canter and turn left, 10 meter circle at K. It was a great exercise for him because he had to immediately be soft and supple, which he did not want to do. It wasn't pretty... and it took awhile, but we eventually got it. She said this was a great exercise for him and we could play around with it and do multiple variations of it. The key was to make him immediately do stuff rather than pick up a canter, then get it soft, then do a 20 meter circle, then track around... The more rapid fire was good for him. :)

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