Thursday, July 27, 2017


This morning I got up early(ish) and met Peri for a ride. Kelly had to cancel our lessons because she was sick. So I decided to do some dressage anyways. It's tough because I really like having a lesson with Kelly and a lesson with Cindy... but that really only leaves me two days to ride on my own. And if I end up doing fitness work or jumping, there's really no time to dressage on my own and work through some things. But it also keeps me from messing up too bad. :) But regardless, it was nice to be able to play with a few things. We had a great ride. It really wasn't too miserable either heat and humidity wise.

We started with some leg yields and he was really respectful of my leg and went sideways an actually stayed fairly soft too. Then we did some serpentines and directional changes. He's still doing that head bobbing thing... not a real head bob, but almost like he wants to leap into the canter but doesn't. I need to investigate. Anyways.. we also worked on the counter canter serpentine. And... he held it! Both ways for the full serpentine!! And it is keeping the outside rein open. So... almost creating a counterbend but not really.  So yay! We didn't stay soft and supple but it wasn't terrible. We worked on picking up the canter from the walk first. And.. the darn left lead is so tough. He keeps throwing his shoulders laterally into the right lead. But he picked it up the first time I asked and I didn't quite focus so hard on the "Now" part... So then after a few failed attempts I decided that perhaps I should just stop trying so hard and he picked it up. Hmmm... Not sure if this will screw me later or not, but... new plan.. :) Don't try so hard. Anyways, we got a nice canter, did some lengthening after our serpentines and had fun. Then we worked on some trotting again to get him back in front of my leg super well. He gets a little too collected sometimes when we do our canter work. But the good news is that he has suddenly gotten fairly in front of my leg. :) Routinely. :) We then ran through our test which was.. meh. But he thought he was done and I couldn't quite remember the test. 

After we went on a short hack with Gay. It was fun. 

So anyways... later today, while sitting at home and enjoying the air conditioning and my day off, I noticed Emma chasing Dan and Dan sprinting and bucking in the pasture. I went out to get her so she and him didn't overheat and called her in. I noticed that Dan's leg wrap was in the driveway so I went to grab it and HOLYMOTHERTHATBURNS!! A freakin' wasp nailed me in the cheek, right next to my eye. Man it burned.. it still burns. So I went inside and got some cortisone cream for it and then went to check Dan. Turns out he was stung too. He was rubbing his mouth/lip on the wall. Poor guy. He had a big red mark and a thick swelling right at the edge of his lips too. So... I cold hosed it and put calamine on it and gave him some hay. We took selfies with our calamine faces. :) 

Hose Party

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