Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Area 3 Championships

Area 3 Championships!!! What a fun, but hot and exhausting weekend! I really love the people I show with. So much fun. 

I ended up working of Thursday in an effort to get people seen and because I was taking Friday off to go to the show. Except then I had to go see two on Friday morning. So that meant that I was not quite as packed as I wanted. But it was all fine. It worked out well enough. I was able to leave at 1:30 like I wanted. Except that when I loaded Dan on the trailer I realized he was missing a right hind shoe. What?!?! We just put that on on Wednesday goober! It was a clean loss though. He didn't tear up his hoof. I called both Freddie and Wayne and Freddie was unavailable and Wayne was in Winterville. So I decided to just head to the show and use the farrier there, especially since the footing was so good at Chatt. I was supposed to be doing a dressage school with Beth at 3:30, so I was cutting it awfully close! But I made it on time :) I was even a smidge early.

Beth had warned me that parking was getting crowded and there was some very stressed and angry people! So I decided to just park in the XC field area and figured I would drive all my stuff up there. Once Dan and I got there I unloaded him and tacked him up and then we went up for our dressage school. It was soooo helpful!!

It was ridiculously hot, but we had a great school. We worked on getting him into the connection, with a shorter rein on my end, and not letting him pull my elbows forward. My elbows belong to me. He did great with it. We also worked on transitions, up and down. I need to keep the connection through the transitions, which means, don't give with my elbows too much. I also need to sit a few strides through it. And we worked on keeping his head in between his shoulders. So there are times when there is too much bend in his neck and I need to straighten it (tracking right) and then times when I need to create more bend with my outside leg (tracking left). Interesting, as I was just thinking to myself in my last ride that my outside leg was helping to create a better bend. :) Score one for me! After we worked pretty hard we went from the warm up ring down to the arena's and worked on our transitions again. Then the ring cleared up so Beth had me go in and ride my test. Thank goodness she did because we realized that I was really messing up the corners. I was riding WAY too deep into them and making him fishtail. 

So... when I'm riding a circle, I need to look at my markers on the rail and ride from marker to marker (not the letter, but the spot on the rail I'm supposed to hit). When I'm riding a regular corner, I do need to ride deeper, but not as deep as I was riding. I found a spot on the rail to ride to and from. It made such a difference. Then we also worked on our "grand prix" corner. In this test, we only have a short diagonal for the free walk. Which goes by very quickly with our boys. So we rode super deep into that corner to give us more room to get more free walk. But I only ride that deep for the free walk and I need to make sure I come off the rail at the right spot too. Soooooo very helpful!  

After that we hacked back to the trailer because I had NOTHING at his stall yet. I needed a halter to hose him off with at the very least and even if I hosed him in the halter I had no where to put his saddle. So we hacked back to the trailer and I untacked him.  Then I grabbed his water bucket, the hose, the sweat scraper and him and his halter and we started to trek our way up to the stalls. Bad idea! Ugh.. It is such a long walk!! And I was hot and tired from the week already and not hydrated well enough I guess. I had to make a few stops and was starting to feel pretty miserable. We got all the way to the barns and then I realized we were at the other barns, up the second hill. UGH!!!! holy moly!! I made it though. I got Dan hosed off and then put him in his stall with some water. He didn't have shavings yet, but that was okay. ;) Apparently since he didn't have hay either he managed to pull his neighbors hay bag through the bars and was playing with her hay bag. Oops!!

I ended up finding a spot for my trailer right between Beth and Cindy so I got Cindy to give me a ride down to my truck (I really think I wouldn't have made it without a ride) and I drove back up and got parked. Then Dan got shavings and his own hay and his fan. :) I got unpacked and then we went to walk the XC course. Luckily I had gotten water and cooled off a bit by this point so I was recovering. 

 The course looked awesome!! Not technical really, and no ditches, and mostly the same as the regular course, but... big and gallopy. Really it was big fence after big fence after big fence. (Not huge, but proper BN sized fences.. not tiny, so.. regular fence after regular fence). Fence 4 and 5 were an up bank, 4 stride (I think) to a coop. And then we had a fence before the water, angled into the water and S turn out of the water and angle back to another fence, but it was a good bit of distance between the few. Then the champs course had to jump a small coop and go up the big steep mound and then back down the steep mound to another small coop and then we had a slight downhill 6 stride, and then finished with more single gallopy fences. (I think Dan picked up on the "gallopy" trend). When we finished I got Dan fed and settled and then I realized I had a terrible migraine brewing. Ugh... Unfortunately I had left my migraine pills in the SUV yet again. UGH!! And then it got really really bad. Cindy is such a good friend. She let me sit in her air conditioned truck and call around and get my prescription filled at a Kroger in Newnan. Then she drove me to get it and then drove back the other way to the Cracker Barrel near the hotel. Her and Peri went in and got dinner (at like 9:45 pm!!! thanks to me) and I decided to sit in her car and just try not to vomit. I ended up taking a second migraine pill and about 3 minutes before they finished I finally started to feel the vice on my head let up. ahhhh, thank goodness! We went back to the hotel and grabbed a drink of water. I showered and went to bed. We slept pretty good and on the way out in the morning we saw a sign in the elevator that said "Do not drink the water, we are in the boil area". Ugh... seriously?! There was a break in the pipe so they were having people in the newnan and other atlanta areas boil the water to make sure we didn't get dysentery or some nasty disease. Ugh... Oh well. 

We headed to Chatt and despite not riding til 2:45, I had lots to do so we got started. I fed Dan and walked him briefly and braided him and walked XC again. And then Mike showed up!! yay!! It was quite nice having him there. We got a smoothie and did a little bit of shopping. :) Dan had a big ol' stain on his hip bones that I couldn't get out with 2 baths, so I had to go buy spray paint for him. Hee hee. They sell it though. :) Then it was finally time to get ready so I told Mike I was going to have to focus and he went to get a seat to watch. :)  

Danny's winning BN stadium round!

Shows are boring.....

Up bank to coop

Dan's dressage test

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