Monday, June 1, 2015

Good lesson

So... now that Danny is officially 4, it's time to start being a man! hee hee. Cindy worked us hard. We worked on more connection and just overall improving things. She was very complimentary though and said that each ride he seems to be better and better. :) Yay!

 Did I do good Mom?? :)
I know his head is hidden, but it was a good confo shot of him at 4 years and 1 day. :) 

And besides.. this was what I started with!!! (So... I hit the gate with the trailer on my way out and had to unload the boys because I couldn't use the trailer with the fender smooshed into the tire. I managed to bang it out enough to come, so I went to reload the boys and in that short time Danny had rolled... Or more accurately wallowed! So.. this is what I had to deal with before my Cindy lesson.... 

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