Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Danny!

Baby boy turns 4 today!!! Such a cutie pie :) I'm so proud of this little rug rat! He measuered 16.2 to 16.3 and a half, depending on how I was holding the stick. So he's not really a little squirt anymore. He's really turning into quite the superstar. I'm so lucky to have him. Despite his antics, he really is a GOOD kid with a bright future. I just hope I do right by him. 

He got some treats for breakfast and snuggles. And then we went for a short dressage ride. He was a good boy. I wanted to go for a long hack but I didn't have time. Besides, he got to celebrate yesterday really. :) 

And he rolled as soon as he got home. Wallowed I should say. He was filthy! But it's his birthday, so..

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