Sunday, June 28, 2015

How to Train Your Dragon

So ooops! This actually happened before the XC lesson, which is partly why I was a little worried about getting bucked off. ;) 

Tuesday was our dressage lesson and as soon as I got on Danny that day, I could feel that it was going to be an exciting day. He welled up but didn't do anything as we walked off. He was being VERY distracted though and looking around and only minimally minding me. So Cindy got after me for allowing it and we managed to get him working. As we were passing the opening at A during some trot work, Dan took the opportunity to drop his shoulder, spin, bolt and crowhop halfway down the arena. I sat it and then tried to keep him moving and make him work. Cindy wanted me to make that hind end work but doing turn on the forehand or spiral in and out, so we attempted that. He settled and we went back to work. Then later he made a dragon face at Titus as they went past us. He was just in a mood that day!

So then as we were working on our leg yields, he wasn't moving over to the left so I gave him a little pop on the side and he kicked out. Opinionated little turd! We did manage to get some good work in although I was so embarassed at the end because of our canter stuff. At the end of my lesson, I had Peri show up to watch and then Christina and Guardian were there waiting their turn. And Cindy. So... all these fancy upper level riders there watching me and hooligan head. So we're working on spiral in and out and then canter. Well, Dan spirals in and out pretty good, but even with me doing the change of post and then asking for the canter, we kept getting the left lead instead of the right. Like 6 times in a row. Sigh... Cindy said he was throwing himself to the outside, so she wanted me to balance him by riding inside leg to outside hand but blocking the outside shoulder. Oh my goodness was it hard!!! Like really hard. It's so hard for my brain to do that. So we were struggling. It was embarassing. But we got through it and by keeping a firm connection but allowing some give on the outside rein and really riding with my inside leg, and my outside leg slightly back, we were able to get the left shoulder straight and then get the right lead. Ugh... but it was rough. So I'll need to revisit that.

And funny enough... Cindy was so mad at Dan that she wouldn't give him a treat. Hee hee. He's so naughty sometimes. 


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