Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Upping the dressage ante

So... it's time for baby horse to start growing up. :)

Today in our lesson we worked on connection. Cindy kept reminding me that when I feel wiggles in the bridle, to focus on the hindquarters. If the hindquarters are straight and there is impulsion, the front end will also go straight.
To help with that, we're adding connection. I'm NOT asking him to go into a frame with the reins... but I am riding him up into that connection and asking him to go there, rather than pull me around. I need to remember that my elbows belong to me and I need to use my core to remain stable. He tends to pull me out of my position and then I collapse on him. But I also can't just hang on him because then he will hang right back. So.. if I feel like he's hanging on the right rein, it's because he's bracing on it and not supple. In order to create suppleness I need to soften and shorten that outside. So.. inside leg to a more connected outside rein. I need to think of shortening the outside of his body so that he is up underneath himself. He can do it. And he did. :)

And we had a most lovely canter at one point in one direction. Cindy said it was a 9!! Whoo hooo. I just need to remember to ride the front of my saddle and not drive, but keep my seat cantering. That's also important in the downwards. I can't just stop my seat from moving.

So a good lesson! I swear, this horse just gets better and better with every ride. :) 
Apparently Tess thinks he's hot stuff, because she was shunning Fleck and even Guardian!

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