Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sneaking it in

I couldn't help myself. We came back from the beach with enough time to go for a ride. And Mike wanted to move some dirt and needed the horses out of the way so he could work with the tractor. So... of course I'll go ride! No matter that it's 95 degrees. 

When we got home from the beach they were sweaty so I had already hosed them off once. But then they rolled in the dirt. So I hosed them off again before putting them in the trailer to go to Ashland. They were still dirty but I quickly brushed Fleck and rode him. The plan was to ride him first and do some ring work and then hit the trails. However, I ended up meeting Alex and Lisa and Rebecca so I did a quick bit of ring work and then hit the trails. So... by the time we got back, I had barely enough time for Dan. On the plus side, it was much cooler and almost quite pleasant at 8:45 when I finally got on him. :)

With the light fading, I decided to just take him in the ring for a quick work out. He was super good considering he's had the week off. No bad baby pony stuff. :) We had some really nice turn on the haunches!! Like, really nice! And some pretty decent leg yields. And when I did the "sit one stride" thing before the right lead canter, we got it. :) Whoo hooo. And sure, it was a very forward canter or two, but we had some decent work with a decent connection. 
I finished after only 20 minutes and gave him a third rinse of the night and home we went. 

So... hopefully tomorrow he can get his trail ride in. I know he deserves some light work and I promised him that. :) But I was super proud of him today. Especially since he stood on the trailer calmly and politely for the hour and a half I was on Fleck with everyone else. Then he was pretty good with Ti and Alex in the ring next to us. And he was non-plussed when Alex and Ti left the ring and went home. GOOD BABY HORSE!


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