Saturday, June 27, 2020

More Jumanji

Y'all... 2020 is weird... 

Now we've got Saharan dust storms blowing in....  The skies were bizarre today. But.. we got a nice quick ride in. We met up with Kelli and Marvin and went for our short walk. They were both good. Dan was on a mission and was power walking! When we finished our hack, Kelli took Marvin back into the arena so that we could see him strut his stuff. And Dan was bored so he knocked over the cone. :) Ha ha! Oops. Sorry Lucy!

Then I came home and went and looked at some property. And then... it got black out... the winds came and were intense and then a storm hit. So I'm glad I got to ride earlier in the day. :)

The views weren't great because the skies were so dusty. 

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