Thursday, April 11, 2019

We did it!!!! And my husband is amazing

So... dammit... I am going to fix this!! I am going to make sure we can do this so we can get that last damn qualifying ride. But I didn't want to be dumb. So I made Mike come with me so I could jump XC safely.  Bless him. He was so sweet about it. I started off schooling in the arena. It went fine and even went decent! So then we went out on XC.  It started okay. I was okay and my butt didn't hurt too bad. We got over some things and then I felt brave and wanted to try the training level table on the hill. Unfortunately... because we were going downhill slightly, and I was already a little perched trying to protect my tailbone... and Dan propped... I fell off again! Doh. Mike didn't even see it because I had disappeared over the hill. Thank goodness. I landed soft and got right back on. I don't even think he propped as an evasion as we were still multiple strides back. I think he just propped because he was surprised by something?? I don't know. I got back on and jumped something else and then came back to the training table and we jumped it fine. So... see, we're fine... We can do this.

Then Mike was being super sweet and walked to the lake and back with me.  We joked that Mike is my angel and kept me safe and needed to come to the show!

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