Thursday, April 18, 2019



Great jump lesson!!! Not scary. Messed up some but didn't panic.

"Despite his bravado, he's a very sensitive horse and I think he really loves you".

Different seats.... My two point... canter around in that. Then my passive seat... where I'm sitting and using my leg but not driving. (And interestingly enough... when I use the correct part of my leg, which turns my toe out a hair.. my inner/slightly caudal calf, my butt automatically slides back in the saddle... so I'm not as over the cantle as I tend to be!!! Turns out, when I almost pinch with my knee, that tips me forward). And the driving seat. I need to use all three... Canter around in two point, making sure that he is in front of my leg. And I accomplish that by keeping him on my lightest of aids. So.... "shock and awe" if need be. And just keep checking through out the course. If he's not, a quick tap with the whip. Then the passive seat to the jumps.. and a driving seat to the ones with some trepidation associated with them. But in all my seats before the fences, my leg is on.


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