Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Another Beautiful Day!

And another missed ride. Sigh... oh well. 

I was supposed to be leaving for Kentucky today for Rolex. But I just had too much to get done. And I have been non-stop for sooooo long now, even on my days "off"... that I just.. needed a moment. Not that I really got a moment, but... at least I wasn't rushing too bad. I ended up working on one horse this morning, then went to the bank and post office and got those errands done. Then came home and finished some laundry and dishes and then Dan and I headed to Dr. Browns. I just wanted to make sure that shoulder was the problem and not something else, and fix it! And this was the only day I could do it. And since Karen and Lisa aren't leaving til tomorrow, I can hitch a ride with them. 

I sort of thought about riding before hand.... and should have. And would have had I really had time to think things through. But I didn't. And of course, it's shoulder bursitis and we ended up injecting it. So I couldn't ride. Which sucks, because I need more beet pulp so I was going to go to Aiken to get it and while I was there, jump and play at Hitchcock Woods. BUT... I really didn't have time anyways... in theory. And I'm glad that this will hopefully fix Dan's "rein lameness" once and for all. And it was good timing because he has to have a few days off, which means that I couldn't ride this weekend anyways, and I'll be in Kentucky so yay! It just means that I didn't get to ride today, or sneak one in tomorrow morning and I won't get to ride again til Tuesday. But I suppose Dan deserves a week off! I just hope he and Mike don't kill each other! :)

Anyways... Danny was a cutie today at Dr. Browns. He was sniffing the metal horses.. but my darn phone was in the truck. Oh well. 

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