Friday, January 13, 2017

Tempting Fate

Ah..... Today was a long day in a long week. And it was a good day, but by the end, I was starting to get a little tired and sad that I had missed out on riding on such a beautiful day. It was another 70 degree day. In January!!! It was gorgeous! Now granted, this does not bode well for June... or heck, even March at this point. But it was lovely today!

And... today is also Friday the 13th. And a full moon. 

By the time I got home and got the horses fed the moon was up and casting a lot of light on the front field. I couldn't help myself. I managed to snag Fleck on his way out for hay and hopped on. No halter even. He was awesome and just moseyed on to his hay. It was wonderful. Such a big peaceful feeling just sitting on my best friend and chilling. But I couldn't help it... I got greedy. I tried to get Fleck to leave the hay and go for a walk about but he said nope... and circled back to his hay. So.... I sat there a minute longer, soaking it up, and then hopped off. 

I decided to give Dan a shot. What could go wrong?! ;) Friday the 13th, full moon, bareback on the 5 year old, Emma loose and somewhere in the dark...  Why not?! :) I did at least wear my helmet and put his bridle on. And you know what?! He was perfect!

He parallel parked at the fence and let me hop on and headed to the front field all by himself. Fleck stayed at the hay pile. ;) We had a nice walk around for a few minutes. I swear too I felt Roany in the corner watching over us. Then I couldn't help myself (I really have NO willpower!). So we went for a little trot. And he was so good. So I said we'd been done, but then... I decided to do a little canter up the hill. It was glorious! We cantered happily and politely up the hill. I did laugh a bit because it was hard to see where the fence was and I definitely did not want to jump it! But it was amazing! It helped my soul a lot. So yay! Lots of fun. I wanted to go again but decided to reward his great behavior and let him get back to his hay. 

I thanked him for being such a good boy and giving me that. And then I thanked Fleck for saying no and letting me and Dan have that memory. I think it's harder on me.. And I told him so. He just smiled and kept eating. 

I'm so blessed. I have two wonderful amazing ponies. 

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