Sunday, January 29, 2017


Keepin' it simple! Cause I'm stupid. ;) Or maybe not stupid, but I tend to overthink or over ride and over do and... end up being backwards and inside out. 

Today was a frustrating day but at least I accomplished a lot. I got my grandmothers grandmother clock, got my oil changed, went to Kroger, did birthday lunch with the family, and caught up on some laundry and dishes, donated some stuff, and.. even rode! However, my truck needed some repairs in addition to the oil change so.. .I didn't have it back til 4:30 which meant I wasn't going to have time to ride. And the weather was threatening. Turns out I probably could have made it work and would have had a lovely sunset, but.. oh well. I opted to ride at home instead and it wasn't bad. 

The footing isn't great and Dan tripped some, so we didn't do a ton, but we accomplished some good stuff.

Basically we just did some flatwork. Dan started a bit wild because the weather was cold and windy and Fleck was being a bit bouncy and unhelpful. :) But... after a little bit of walking I decided to do my MX0 stuff. I basically created a connection and asked him to go into it by closing my leg. No wiggling the reins (although in retrospect I do think I did some of it, despite trying not to... guess I am! But I made a good point to stop it). And suddenly, he was working. And happily. And without shenanigans. :) 

We did some walking, trotting and then even cantered. It was lovely! We had some seriously nice work. And I think my position was better too. I could feel my core being worked, so that's something! And then in the canter I felt like my butt wasn't bouncing out of the saddle and that my toes weren't pointing out. And Dan felt lovely!! Very supple and light in the bridle but with contact. And up in his back. :) So yay! Simple! Whether my toes were actually in and my butt was actually in the saddle... but at least I didn't think it was! There are times when I know it is doing what I don't want, so.. the fact that I didn't think it was is something. 

He was a good kid! But he worked hard and was tired. So when the sprinkles started and the wind picked up we ended our ride. It was crazy too because as we got back to the barn to untack the wind picked up something fierce! And both horses got really high and excited. It was creepy tornado like weather. I pulled Dan's tack off quick and let him go as he looked like he was ready to explode. He was good though and they both went to eat hay. I rushed inside to clean stalls before the bottoms opened up and after a few little bit of sprinkles... I looked outside and the sun was out and the sky was blue and.... the wind died. Oh well. ;) 

But yep.. it was a good ride!


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