Thursday, January 5, 2017

Run and Jump Day

Today was a fun day!! I went to ride with Kelli and Peri and we decided to hack first and then play in the jump arena. We started off in the field and Danny was very bouncy. We got to the lake before I realized that I was going to have to burn off some energy or spend the entire trail ride fighting him. So... I told them I was going to go burn some rubber and meet them on the trails shortly. :) We trotted back to the XC field, drunkenly, and hit the field. I made him trot up the hill the first time and then trot down. Then we cantered up the hill and trotted down and then we went to the gallop. He basically ran off with me. I was water skiing just to get him to turn. Jeepers! Crazy horse. 

 4 of those miles were while we were burning off steam. ha! So we tried to catch up with them but because we took so long getting Dan to settle.... we ended up missing them. So then they did another loop and we got ahead of them. But we caught back up and headed to the ring. I decided to do a little bit of jumping.

And you know what?! It wasn't too bad. I was not thrilled with every part as he felt a bit behind my leg. But.. he did respond to my leg when I asked (I got the canter, checked my leg response and got forward...  see Kelly, I listen and learn!) and he did what I asked. It just felt underpowered a little. But I was pretty proud of my position. I still need to tweak things but it wasn't horrible without too much effort on my part. :) Yay!

Jumping Dan

 More Jumping Dan

 And one more

So yep.. Fun day!

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