Sunday, January 15, 2017

Biomechanics and Grids

To turn - 
activate inside leg at calf, then tighten right TA, then tighten right trap, and catch with outside leg as needed.

Interestingly... tracking left... I don't THINK I need to use my left trap, as he's already bent, but.. when I do.. he goes from nice to LOVELY!

To Help my position in the canter... same thing... But I have to learn to roll my hips in, and activate my knee and lower leg without activating my thigh muscle. And... keep my leg long. So... same sequence as the turn sequence but think more lower leg. It seems to only be the right leg that won't cooperate. I also have to not get carried away and let my pelvis tilt forward. When it does, that gets my butt bouncing up out of the saddle. 

Stretches: Put my right leg on a chair (Like I was kneeling on it) and put my left leg forward. Squat with my left leg and walk it forward so that I stretch my hip flexor (right above my groin essentially... if I feel burn in my lower back, I'm not forward enough). Keep my pelvis and lower back straight.

Exercises: Get on all fours... and lift one hand straight forward, then alternate. Then do the same with both back legs, one at a time. Make sure I'm keeping it flat and straight and not twisting my hips out. Much harder on the right. Do repetitions...and when I'm strong enough, hold the opposite leg and arm out together. Also engage my side specific TA at the same time the leg is up.


Activate the traps to get the half halts but don't hold with the reins. Must GIVE MY HANDS FORWARD!!! NO rowing. No lifting them in the air. Reach for the neck strap and hold on to it!

We had one moment where I kicked and he bucked and then jumped the grid and I managed to stay on.

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