Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Last Ride of the Year

Today is the last day of the year. And I had a great day! 

 Mike offered to let me go shop at White House Black Market for an outfit for New Years Eve, so I went and did that in the morning. I got some really cute stuff!! Then I headed to Ashland to meet Kelli and Peri. Peri was late and Kelli left her keys in her husbands car, so I ended up getting on Dan first. Peri got there right as I was basically all tacked up and ready to get on. I told her I was going to get on early in case he was rowdy. And then she ended up talking to some others that were there and not getting on til Kelli got there.

So I ended up doing a good 20 or so minutes of dressage on Dan. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad. He was a little distracted but he tried. We couldn't get the right lead 3 loop serpentine though. Ugh. And it started to sleet. But it felt good. :) When I was just about done, Kelli and Peri joined us. I did one more attempt at the right lead 3 loop serpentine without breaking to the trot or swapping, although I cheated a little and made it a little bit more shallow.

So then we went on a hack and had a good time. Of course by this point it started to rain and not just sleet. It got worse and became a light rain before too long. We were all sooooo cold. My hands especially! So no pictures as I was frozen.

But it was a nice way to end the year. :) After I rode Dan, I hopped on Fleck bareback with new dry winter gloves and we warmed back up. :)

 When we got home I threw them out as they were already wet and the rain had mostly stopped. That way I could clean stalls in peace as they were calling for more rain. And I kept hearing the wind chimes. Hee hee. Danny was playing me a song. ;)
Danny's song

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